How to Enable or Disable Single Click on Windows 11 – Guide

In this article we show you how to open folders with one click in Windows 11. Desktop operating systems, unlike mobile devices, force us to press twice to open applications, folders, images, documents. If we click, select files, application icons, folders to replace folders, make a copy, reposition on the desktop Fortunately, we can replace the traditional Windows interface with mobile devices can change. Younger users, who grew up up with a smartphone or tablet as the first electronic device they have access to, they often press once on apps, folders or files to access them. When selecting documents in a mobile device, the method also differs from that of a desktop operating system in that we have to hold down the file we want to select until an options menu appears . If you want to bring the mobile device experience for Windows 11 and want to press once to open a folder or file, here’s How to do that.

How to Enable one click to open item in Windows 11?

With the settings enabled, to select an item, simply hover over it for a moment. Alternatively, enable checkboxes in File Explorer to easily select items.

How to Disable single click to open an item in Windows 11?

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