How to Enable or Disable Website Tinting in Safari – Guide

On iOS 15, Apple updated the Safari browser. The built-in browser now features a bottom-mounted address bar is more secure than ever and even allows for extensions. In addition to the main features, there are also small features, one of which we’ll look at today. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what Website Tinting is and How to use it on an iPhone with iOS 15.

What is website tinting?

When you’re viewing a website, the top and top of the screen—the notch area—have always been translucent, in both light and dark tones. While aesthetically pleasing, it runs the risk of not being sufficiently engaging for viewers. To counter this, Apple introduced something called ‘site hue’, which matches the top bar with the hue or hue of the website you’re currently viewing. The address bar at the bottom of the screen remains translucent as usual. It is only the top bar that carries the hue.

Website coloring on iOS 15: How does it work in Safari?

Website tinting is a new and aesthetically pleasing feature which allows for a more immersive experience when consuming content through the Safari browser. The Web Tinting option is enabled by default and is only available on iPhones running iOS 15. Apple’s iOS 15 simply matches the hue of the top bar with the overall theme of the site, which is done using the site’s predominant color scheme. Since website tinting is on from the start, you’ll likely get used to it in a few days.

What happens when you turn on Website Stain in Safari?

When you turn on Web Tinting on your iPhone with iOS 15, the websites you view through the Safari browser become much more engaging. iOS 15 does this by matching the site’s top bar with the webpage’s color scheme. On websites with a darker color scheme, the hue of websites appears to be hiding the nick.

How to enable site coloring in Safari

You won’t have to do anything extra to activate Web Tinting, as this feature it’s enabled by default on iOS 15. Still, if you want to know where the option is, first go to Settings and scroll down. Now tap on ‘Safari’. This will take you to all the options available for the Safari browser on iOS 15. Scroll down until you get the ‘Guides’ section. Now enable the ‘Allow site tint’ option.

How to disable website tinting in Safari

Website tinting is quite engaging feature but not everyone is a fan of it. Fortunately, iOS 15 makes it much easier for anyone to tint the site. feature turned off whenever they feel like it. First, go to Settings and tap the ‘Safari’ option. Now scroll down and disable ‘Allow Site Tint’ under the ‘Guides’ banner. Your familiar translucent look will be back in the Safari browser.

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