How to Enable PiP Mode in Chrome Browser for Desktop – Guide

Sometimes you just want to watch a little Netflix while you’re digging through spreadsheets on your laptop. But if you don’t have enough screen space to work and watch TV, picture-in-picture lets you place a small video at the top of your browser, be it Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Sure, you can just pull up a tab and resize it to suit your needs, but Picture-in-Picture will always stay on top of your other windows, even if you’re doing something else. This one feature makes it easy to manage when you have limited screen space. It’s also super quick to summon when you need it. Google has been working on a picture-in-picture mode for Chrome Desktop for almost three years now. Thereby feature, you can play any video in PiP mode and it works on all platforms. it’s one of the cool ones features that the browser offers, but can only be activated through a Chrome beacon or extension. Here, we will discuss both methods so that you can enable picture-in-picture (PiP) mode in Google Chrome on your computer.

How to enable PiP mode in Chrome desktop browser

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