How to Enable Screen Recording on a Chromebook – Guide

One such tool is a built-in screen recorder, which you can enable on your Chromebook now that the update has been released in March. Google wants to support the classroom during this difficult time, and in doing so, Chrome OS will be much better. In this article, we will show you how to Turn on “Screen Recording” on your Chromebook and use it to effortlessly record your screen. Let’s start. The following steps explain the process conveniently. Before you begin, however, make sure you are using the “Beta” channel on your Chrome OS. This is especially useful if you cannot activate the “Screen Recording” tool on your device. After that, you will be redirected to the Experiments page and the Screenshot Test tool will be clearly visible with a yellow highlight. There will be a switch next to it. Click on it to see more options. Finally, click on “Activate”. Now you should be finished. Check your “Status Bar” by clicking on the clock and battery icon at the bottom right of the screen when your device boots up to search for the screen recording tool. It should look similar to the screenshot below.

How to record screen on a Chromebook

If you’d rather capture a video than a still image, it’s easy to do on a Chromebook as Chrome OS 89 is available to everyone. Before Chrome OS 89, we had to rely on Chrome extensions for screen recording, but now we have integrated them.

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