How to Enable the Touch Keyboard on Windows 11 PC – Guide

If you’re using a tablet or laptop touchscreen, it’s helpful to know how to open the Windows 11 touch keyboard. Even if you have a dedicated keyboard or Type Cover, the Windows 11 touch keyboard makes it easy to travel or use your device when you’re not in the traditional sitting position. It’s even useful on desktops when the keyboard breaks or the battery runs out. Interestingly, however, Microsoft doesn’t make opening the on-screen keyboard very easy in Windows 11 and Windows 10. although she appears up automatically when you are using a touch device, it does not always appear up in all situations you would like. Although they are often referred to by the same name, the Windows 10/Windows 11 touch keyboard and the on-screen keyboard are two different things. Virtual Keyboard is a redesigned legacy keyboard with less features, proper performance, and an uglier UI. The touch keyboard is a more modern implementation.

How to enable touch keyboard to save time on Windows 11 PC

Activate touch keyboard

Touch keyboard customization options

In case you are wondering How to change the colors and theme of the onscreen keyboard, there is an easy way.

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