How to Enable/Use the New Google Chrome Actions Feature – Guide

Every Chrome Update Brings New features for you to enjoy. One new feature that a lot of people have been talking about lately is Chrome Actions feature. Basically, you can type in a specific action or command that you want to implement, and Chrome will give you the option to trigger that command or perform that action. This would be a lot easier than being forced into settings when you need to do something, so this is definitely a feature that a lot of people out there will be interested in. However, before you can use Chrome Actions (also known as shortcuts), you must first enable them in the browser itself. To do this, go to the Flags page in your Chrome browser. You can do this by typing chrome://flags in the address bar and pressing enter will take you to the Google Chrome test features page. So all you have to do is restart your browser and type commands like “clear history”, “open incognito mode” or “refresh browser” in the address bar and you will get options that would meet these needs much faster than what if you had to go to a section designed specifically for this sort of thing.

How to enable Google Chrome actions feature?

To get your tasks done quickly with just a few keystrokes, enable and use Google Chrome actions feature. Here’s how!

How to to use Google Chrome actions?

You’ll know when a phrase is recognized when you see a button and the suggestion that appears below the search bar/Omnibar. Chrome Actions recognizes hundreds of different phrases. The list is quite exhaustive and you can read it by visiting the Chromium Source page. For now, the following keyboard shortcuts or actions are supported in its initial version and there is no way to change the shortcuts in Chrome.

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