How to Enable Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 10 PC – Guide

Wallpaper is, at least for me, an integral part of the desktop. Wallpaper means different things to different people. While some keep the default slides running with the computer in the background throughout the entire experience, others constantly manipulate them. But even the best wallpapers, be it the photo of your loved ones or the most aesthetic scenic beauties, can become dull after a period of time, which is why a wallpaper slideshow can come in handy. The same wallpaper can sometimes annoy you. If you’re tired of looking at the same wallpaper every day, the best way to spice it up is up your home screen experience is to create a wallpaper slideshow where you have a different wallpaper every few minutes. Enabling the slideshow is very simple. First though, you want to create a folder with all the wallpapers you want to go through. I recommend creating a slideshow folder in the Images folder. Once created, simply copy and paste (or move) all your images into this folder. You can even use a OneDrive folder if you like. Keep in mind that these wallpapers will sync across all your Windows 10 devices, regardless of whether the wallpapers are also on your drives.

How to To define Up a wallpaper slideshow on Windows 10 PC

To enable the wallpaper slideshow function, open the Settings app, which you can find in the Start menu or by pressing Win + I. In that menu, select Personalization. With the Background tab selected on the left, change the drop-down menu under Background to Slideshow. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see additional options below. To choose a folder containing the wallpapers for your slideshow, click Browse. Find the folder with the images you want to use. If you don’t already have one, create a new folder for work. You can add images to this over time, they will appear as part of the slideshow without needing to update any settings. Keep in mind that all images in this folder will show up, so make sure there is nothing inside that is embarrassing to stream on your desktop. If you want to move to the next wallpaper in the slideshow, right-click on the desktop and choose Next Desktop Background.

Wallpaper slideshow options

Further down the menu are a few more options. Under Change image every, choose between 1 minute and 1 day. If you have multiple monitors, they will all use different wallpapers and switch between screens for new wallpapers. For example, with 10 minutes selected and two monitors, monitor A will change its wallpaper 10 minutes past the time, then monitor B will change its wallpaper 20 minutes later, and so on. Enable Random if you want the images in your folder to appear randomly in the wallpaper slideshow instead of sequentially. If you’re in one laptop, Windows will stop the slideshow when it is on battery power to save power. Turn on the Allow slideshow on battery toggle if you want the slideshow to continue anyway. Finally, use the Choose a setting box to define how wallpapers are displayed. Padding is a good choice if you’re not sure, but feel free to try them all.

Final note

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