How to Enable Wikipedia Dark Mode in Mobile/PC – Guide

The Wikipedia app version is available for Android and iOS devices, while the website version can be accessed by devices running any operating system. All these versions of Wikipedia are set to Light mode by default. Many Wikipedia users are unaware of the Dark Mode for Wikipedia and how to enable it. We recently shared how to enable dark mode on reddit, you can also check that. So here we have all the information you need about Wikipedia’s dark mode and how to enable it on different devices. Wikipedia had recurring moments with many improvements and also allowed its users to access through smartphone apps or even mobile browsers. It is deeply integrated with Google, so you can extract information from Google search itself. You don’t necessarily need to go to the Wikipedia page. I remember when in college I read a Wikipedia page and it led me to other hyperlinks and a lot of knowledge. now let’s see how to enable dark mode in Wikipedia on iOS, Android and also when using Wikipedia with a browser, preferably Google Chrome, for the purposes of this tutorial.

Enable Wikipedia Dark Mode on Android

Enable Wikipedia Dark Mode on PC

As the Wikipedia site does not have a dark mode feature on its own, we will have to use a Google Chrome extension to make this happen. If you don’t know about Google Chrome extensions, they are small programs that are installed inside Chrome to change or extend the browser features. An extension can add a new feature, or an update that improves the existing behavior of Google Chrome. You can also enable dark mode in Chrome browser.

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