How to Enable Win­dows Snap on Mac – Guide

Mac users now have a “window dock” feature integrated with Mac OS that allows you to easily attach windows to certain parts of the screen or against each other. This is a good way to quickly and accurately align windows, and is more or less the Mac equivalent of the Microsoft Windows world window snap. The window snap is useful, but very subtle feature; we’ll show you how it works on macOS. You need a modern version of the Mac OS system software to use the window setting feature introduced in Sierra. All versions newer than 10.12 have this feature and do not require third-party applications or utilities. Earlier versions of macOS do not have feature but you can rely on third-party utilities to provide similar functionality, if desired.

Mac split view

OS X El Capitan (and presumably future versions of OS X to come) has a feature called built-in Split View that mimics Snap for Windows, although it doesn’t work for all applications. The split view is hidden behind the entire green screen button in the upper left corner of each window. All you need to do is press and hold this green button button. You will see that the current application window will be automatically resized to up the left part of the screen. On the right, a series of open windows that are compatible with Split View will appear so that you can choose one to fill the other side. Tip: Not all apps will work with all split views because some require more than half the screen. In this case, the open windows will appear as thumbnails at the bottom with the message “Not available in this split view”. Just click on a compatible window to fill your screen with two applications simultaneously. You can even drag the slider in the middle to adjust the sizes of each one. Tip: You can also start split view by sliding four fingers up on the touchpad to open Mission Control. Drag a window up on the Spaces toolbar and then drag another window over it to merge them.

More advanced window management with magnet

If you really want to manage windows on a Mac, try Magnet. It is currently on sale for $ 0.99 on the Mac App Store, so there is no better time to buy it. Plus, it does everything Windows Snap can do and more. Basically, all Magnet really does is allow the windows to be resized intelligently with your comment. In addition to making them fill up half the screen as Split View already does, you can fill four corners with four different windows, have three windows with one on the top and two on the bottom, one on the left and two on the right … the possibilities are extensive. When starting Magnet for the first time, be sure to grant permissions in System Preferences as requested. Once completed, you have one of two options. You can drag a window to the corner or side you want, or use my own preferred method, which is the menu bar icon. The Magnet menu bar icon lists all scaling shortcuts and even some extras, such as centering a window. Just click on a window, click on the icon and choose your position.

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