How to Enhance Image Quality Online for Free – Guide

When it comes to improving the resolution of photos, Photoshop might be the first thing that comes to mind. But is it possible to improve the quality of photos online for free? What are the best online photo enhancers? Of course, you can find dozens of answers on search engines. But when you learn more about image resolution, you should know why choose AI-based technologies to enlarge the image online without loss of quality and how to upscale the resolution of the article. Image resolution is expressed in PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The more pixel information there is, the higher the resolution of the image and the better the quality. For example, take 300 PPI. An image with a resolution of 300 PPI contains 300 pixels in each part of the image. Simply put, resolution is the amount of detail in a photo. Once an image is sent to a specific output device, such as an inkjet printer or monitor, its resolution becomes important because each device or media requires a certain basic resolution to reproduce the image at the best possible quality. If you have an idea of ​​photo resolution, you should know that it is much more difficult to increase the resolution of an image than it is to enlarge an image. Is it possible to have a Photoshop alternative to enhance an image for free? Read the following article to learn how to improve image quality online for free.

How to improve image quality online for free

Adobe Spark

With Adobe Spark photo editor, you can improve your low quality photos. With the help of Adobe Spark Enhancer tool, you can fix all kinds of problems in your photos like camera judder, dim lighting, lack of sharpness, and so on. Learn how to use here:

image magnifier

This tool is basically used to improve the color of your photo. Image Enlarger uses AI algorithm-based contrast enhancement techniques, so it can enhance the contrast and color of your photo as needed, whether it’s a human face, a landscape, or anything else. Here you can learn how to use this tool:

let’s improve

This tool improves image resolution. Lets Enhance allose uses an AI algorithm to increase resolution without losing quality. This tool is also automatic, so you can improve the image with just one tap. However, this tool only offers 5 free images per account, after which you need to purchase a subscription. Here you can learn how to use this feature:

Fotor photo enhancer

Fotor is a popular photo editing program that also offers one-touch photo enhancement feature. With it, you can make any changes to your photo, including exposure and color correction, and improve image quality with one click. Here you can learn how to use this feature:

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