How to Enter Text with Voice on Chromebook – Guide

Chromebooks run Chrome OS, Google’s operating system, and are therefore heavily equipped with Google’s suite of apps (Chrome, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.). These devices are primarily optimized for Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive, but all modern Chromebooks now also have access to the Play Store. Depending on how you use a PC, this deep integration can be positive or negative. Chromebooks are easy to set up up if you already use these apps. Voice text input is a feature that is no longer strange to users of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, but what about Chromebooks? You can do the same thing on a Chromebook, and it’s easier than you think. There are basically two methods to use voice input on Chrome OS devices. Both require the use of an on-screen keyboard, but if you’re using a physical keyboard, you’ll need to take a few extra steps.

How to Type text with voice on Chromebook

On a Chromebook with a physical keyboard

On a touchscreen-only Chromebook

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