However, there are several iPhone recovery programs that make it simple to recover lost data from a used or abandoned iPhone. So, there is always a concern that someone might access your iPhone information and misuse it. For various other reasons, many people decide to delete everything from iPhone. While “full” storage is undoubtedly the most frequent situation, there are times when it is necessary to delete critical data that has been accessed on the device. As a preventative measure, many people also choose to wipe data from their devices; this keeps sensitive data safe and out of reach of prying eyes. We have mentioned below the steps to permanently erase data from iPhone.

Steps to Permanently Erase Data from iPhone

on iPhone

Step 1: open your apple device Step 2: I go to the Definitions icon on your device Step 3: Tap the Generally button in the settings option. Step 4: Next, choose the transfer or reset button on your iPhone Step 5: Click and erase all content and settings from your device.

on Mac

Step 1: You need to connect your iPhone to a computer cable🇧🇷 Step 2: I go to the Finder sidebar on your Mac and select iPhone. Step 3: click on the Generally option at the top of the window. Step 4: Then tap To restore Iphone.

On Windows PC

Step 1: open the itunes app on Windows computer. Step 2: Then tap on iPhone button in the upper left corner of the itunes window🇧🇷 Step 3: Now click on the Summary button🇧🇷 Step 4: Finally, choose the option ‘restore iphone🇧🇷

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to permanently delete data from iPhone. When memory and storage are overloaded, user will no longer have enough space on their devices to perform further operations. Occasionally, apps may require extra cache memory, which may require deleting data to free up space. However, it is possible to delete all iOS store settings and materials, leaving the device free of data.

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