How to export 3D models from Blender and Forger to Procreate – Guide

Some quick background on where I start! I’m a 2D/3D artist with considerable experience in propagation and most aspects of the 3D pipeline. Some of my thoughts may not be applicable to someone who is new to 3D or breeding. The iPad I’m using is a 1st generation iPad Pro with 2GB of RAM and an Apple Pencil. Some issues I’ve had are entirely hardware related and can be fixed by simply getting a new iPad 😭 Procreate 5.2 introduced 3D painting, which allows users to paint directly on imported 3D models! This is incredibly exciting and I was particularly excited to be able to paint 3D models on my iPad. Personally, I find it strange to paint on my tablet and I do all my digital painting on my iPad. My first reaction was that 3D painting feature it’s amazing. Even on my old iPad it works so well I cried with joy. I was immediately comfortable with the navigation and intuitively understood how the lights and texture maps worked. If you have some experience with hand-painted textures, the transition to spread is smooth.

How to Export 3D files from Forger to Procreate

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