How to export LastPass passwords – Guide

LastPass was dishonest. Okay, this might be a little dramatic, but the company discontinued the free version of its password manager on March 16th on just about any mobile device, such as your iPhone or Android phone, or on a computer. You can no longer access your credentials on either platform without paying the company $36 a year for a personal account or $48 a year for a family account. If you thought you could survive with access to your credentials just through your phone or computer, or if the thought of paying for LastPass is too much for you, don’t worry: you have options. Switching to a new password manager can be a bit of a hassle, but it will save you time and money. The easiest way to switch from one password manager to another is to export your data from LastPass and import it into your new tool. Below I will show you how to retrieve your LastPass data and then guide you through the import into another application.

How to export your LastPass passwords

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