How to extend the life of your computer battery? – Guide

having a laptop It’s a good thing, especially for professionals in these times when remote work is sometimes required. but you have to know how to take care of him. In addition to the screen, keyboard, and other precautions, how do you protect your device’s battery?

One of the most common questions is: Should the computer be left plugged in and charged at all times, or unplugged after the battery is fully charged? In an interview with the BBC newspaper, “Battery technology has been improving over the generations,” said Ashley Rolfe, Lenovo’s chief technology officer in Ireland and the UK. ». Batteries are increasingly safer and more efficient these days, according to the expert, who recalled that those in laptops “It can perform between 500 and 1,000 charge cycles.” And so Lenovo’s Rolf told BBC Mondo to keep a laptop connected to 100% electricity at all times it is “absolutely safe and completely normal”. He adds that “some Lenovo brands and others laptops use sensors and logic controls to ensure the battery does not overcharge or overheat. ” However, he adds, “keeping the battery at 100% permanently will slightly reduce its battery life.” In fact, certain factors, such as heat, can damage the battery. At higher temperatures, a laptop’s computer temperature can deteriorate more quickly if it is always left plugged in and “remains fully charged”. “A 100% charge is the heaviest state your battery can be in, because that’s when the voltage is highest,” says Kent Griffiths, a researcher in energy technology at Northwestern University in the US. Thus, the ideal, according to the expert, is to avoid keeping the computer “plugged in and up to 100% permanently. ” And keep the battery away from 100% to prevent it from overheating up, which can “put additional pressure on the battery, which can accelerate its deterioration over time”. “If you keep the battery away from 100%, it can definitely last longer,” emphasizes Griffith. Finally, avoid completely unloading the computer after loading it. According to experts, “it is better to keep them between 20 and 80%”. […] Limiting the load to 80% provides the maximum benefit ».

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