How to find free apps for Android or iOS without being scammed – Guide

How to to find free apps?

As you can imagine, there are many different sources that vary in terms of reliability and efficiency when searching for free apps. I’ll list various tools, sites and apps I use to prepare my selections here. These different tools don’t need to be used all at once, so there’s no need for you to do this when looking for a free app. However, I prefer to give you the choice between several alternatives to suit your needs.

How to find free apps for Android and iOS

If you are a user of both mobile operating systems and don’t want to use multiple tools, I advise you to go through Dealabs. Let’s start with the Pepper platform. It is certainly the most famous and most used tool for this matter, and not just by technophiles. There are many other versions in various regions, such as Mydealz in Germany, Hotukdeals in the UK or Pelando in Brazil, all of which are linked to Pepper and share the same interface and similar functions. In concrete terms, it’s a community platform to share good deals. Users, mostly individuals like you and me, will post the offers we’ve identified, and a voting system allows users to vote positively or negatively on an offer, depending on whether they find it interesting or not. The user feedback system also helps to get a clearer picture of a specific promotion. Reviews often repeated an interesting element in a free app that I had missed. The app is very well done, but I prefer to use the site because the search and filter tool is more refined there. Just choose the category you are interested in from the search bar: Android or iOS apps, and you will receive a news feed with the corresponding promotions.

How to find free apps for android only

If you just want free Android apps and promotions, I recommend the AppSales app on the Google Play Store (which also has a corresponding website). Works great like You have a feed of free apps and/or apps for sale. AppSales doesn’t offer the same community aspect that Pepper does with the voting and commenting functionality, but the feed does show basic information for each app. The original price would have been crossed out, the number of reviews, ratings, number of downloads, presence of in-app purchases, etc. But what’s particularly interesting about AppSales is the price tracker. feature. You can view price history for each app for the past 60 days or the past year. This makes it easy to see whether an app is discounted every week or not (which could be an indication that it’s not very successful and that’s not very good – hence the frequent offers).

How to find free apps for iOS only

If you want to limit your search for free apps to the iPhone, unfortunately I don’t have an app to recommend, but a website: App Sliced. Again, this platform is very famous among its user base. You can apply many filters to your search (popularity, date added, category, free or on sale). The results are displayed in the form of a news feed, of course. Each app has a detailed page with its corresponding description, price history in the App Store, other apps from the same developer, etc. Just make sure you set the language correctly to get the one suitable for your Geolocation.

Final note

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