How to Find Friends Birthdays on Facebook – Guide

Social media apps are ubiquitous these days. Would you like to see short messages from people and stay up up to date with current trends? This is Twitter. Curious about short videos of rising internet stars? There is Tiktok. Are you trying to see the latest photo and video posts from friends? Instagram has you covered. Of all these sites, Facebook is still by far the biggest social network. It has been around for nearly two decades, has around 2.89 billion monthly active users, and regularly adds new ones. features to keep people interested. A few years ago, Facebook was little more than a place to share status updates, notify friends and post photos. Don’t know when your co-worker, college friend or aunt’s birthday is? If they’re on Facebook, it only takes a few seconds to find their birthday. On the Facebook desktop website, click on the drop-down arrow on the left side of the screen titled “Show More”. Scroll down this list, click Events, then click Birthdays. This displays a list of friends’ birthdays happening today, recent birthdays, and upcoming birthdays.

How to See Facebook birthday notifications on the Facebook website

How to Find birthdays on the Facebook website

If your birthday isn’t on the Birthdays tab or you know it’s on a different day, it’s simple to find out which birthday is coming up up. Here it is how to find birthdays listed on Facebook.

How to Find a specific friend’s birthday on the Facebook website

How to See birthdays in the Facebook app

Use the Facebook app on your phone instead of the desktop site? Here it is how to see birthdays on the Facebook app in a few simple steps.

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