Typically, six sets of two digits or characters do up a Media Access Control (MAC) address. These sets are then separated by dashes or colons. Thus, a common MAC address can be encoded as “00-11-22-33-44-55”. An individual device on a larger network can be recognized by its MAC address. Hence, it is sometimes also referred to as a “hardware address” or “physical address”, the latter of which is often shown in Windows 10 menus. When a product is being manufactured, a MAC address is encoded into it. For this reason, the MAC address generally remains the same throughout the lifetime of a device. However, using specific techniques, it is possible to change a MAC address.

4 Ways to Find PC MAC Address in Windows 10

using Settings

using the Control Panel

using system information

using powershell

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to find PC MAC address in Windows 10. You may want to find your MAC address for the following reasons: Maybe you are installing a router and want to block specific devices from connecting to your network for added protection. Perhaps you are trying to identify which device is which in your router’s list of connected devices organized by MAC address. You may also need to know your PC’s MAC address to identify or fix certain computer network problems.

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