How to find PowerShell version in Windows 10 PC – Guide

Windows ships with Windows PowerShell 5.0. Still, it’s always a good idea to use the latest version of PowerShell, as each new version introduces many new ones. features. If you are using an earlier version of PowerShell on your Windows operating system, migrating to this version of Windows PowerShell has many benefits. PowerShell version 5.0 includes many new features designed to make the language simpler, more user-friendly and avoid common mistakes. It not only allows system administrators to manage all aspects of the Windows Server operating system, but also provides control over SQL, Exchange, and Lync-based servers. Because Windows 10 comes with Windows PowerShell 5.0 installed by default, but the WU (Windows Update) component should automatically install a better version (Powershell 5.1), some users have been looking for ways to determine which versions of Powershell they are currently using. PowerShell has a concept known as hosts. A host is a program that hosts the PowerShell engine. It’s not the PowerShell engine itself. The PowerShell console or a code editor with an integrated terminal are PowerShell hosts. Remember that PowerShell has become much more powerful starting with version 5.0 – you have much more control over Windows Server and you also give more control over Exchange, Lync and SQL based servers.

How to find PowerShell version on Windows 10 PC

Now that you know what the default versions should look like, follow the steps below for a quick guide by checking your current PowerShell version. Keep in mind that the following steps can be replicated regardless of your Windows version.

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