How to find public restrooms near you using Google Maps – Guide

Restrooms, the only place where we can let all the pressure go and relax, never has to be hard to find, public restrooms. This is possible with the help of the Google Maps application. The app evolved from a simple mapping system that helped the protagonist of the movie “Lion” find his village to a far-reaching location system used by everyone on a daily basis. Whether you’re traveling or just walking around town and you suddenly have an urgent need to do number one or number two, know that there are great apps to help you find a bathroom near you. The term “nature is calling” is very well known. You can’t really choose when that happens, and it’s not exactly healthy to put off going to the bathroom when that happens. Fortunately, public restrooms are usually available all around us, and we’ll show you around. how to find them. We use Google Maps for this, as this is the most popular and used map system on Android. Also, it probably comes pre-installed on your smartphone. Finding a public restroom near you with Google Maps is really easy. All the app needs is location access and minimal interaction from you, of course, and that’s it. In this article, we will show you how to do it step by step.

How to Find public restrooms near you with Google Maps

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