Guide: How to Find Serial Number of Ring Doorbell

Every electronic device you buy comes with a unique serial number, and it’s no different with Ring Doorbell. This string of characters is a meaningful (and sometimes the only) way to separate your device from others. While you may never need your device’s serial number, it’s good to know where it is. In rare cases, it can disappear, get stolen, etc., and the serial number can help greatly. When it comes to the Ring Doorbell, the serial number is usually placed in a convenient area on the surface of the device. Let’s see where it is.

What is a product serial number?

Serial numbers are unique identifiers of many products that are otherwise the same. For example, all Ring Doorbell 2 devices have the same features and look identical. Therefore, your device’s serial number is the only way to separate it from other models. Although they are called ‘serial numbers’, sometimes they are more than just numeric characters. They can contain additional typographic symbols, letters, and various other character strings. For example, the Ring Doorbell’s serial number has four different sections of characters consisting of numbers and letters. In the next section, you will learn where to find it.

Where to find a serial number for your Ring Doorbell

Usually, the Ring Doorbell’s serial number should be listed on the label on the back of the device. If you’re not sure where to look for it, follow these steps: Note: Do not confuse the serial number with the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number directly above it. You only need to consider the string of characters next to the ‘S / N’.

What does the Ring Doorbell serial number look like?

The Ring Doorbell’s serial number consists of sixteen digits. In addition, it is always divided into four sections that follow the same pattern for each product. If you follow this pattern, your serial number might look like this: “bhr45879lh987654.” The first and third sections are always identical, while the second and fourth are never the same between different devices.

Why do you need a serial number?

There aren’t many occasions when you need a specific serial number, but it can come in handy. For example, if you want to buy a pre-owned Ring Doorbell device, you can check the serial number to see if it is genuine or just a cheap counterfeit. In addition, the serial number is an important identification in case of theft. If a thief steals your Ring Doorbell, you can report it to the authorities. If they track down the thief and find the device, the serial number is the best and often only way to prove it is yours. Therefore, write down the serial number in a safe place in case you need it in the future. Finally, you can find out the compatibility of your Ring Doorbell and some other devices by looking at the serial number. For example, Ring manufactures a product called “Ring Solar Charger” that can charge other Ring devices using solar energy. While the charger is compatible with most Ring Doorbell 2 devices, devices with a four-digit section from 1175 to 2417 will not work. Keep in mind that some other smart devices can connect to others by using the device’s serial number. There aren’t many devices that require a Ring Doorbell serial number right now, but that could easily change in the future.

Write the number and then edit it

In general, knowing a serial number of your Ring Doorbell can only help, which is why it is placed in a discreet, yet conspicuous place. Make sure to check the serial number before purchasing the device and always write it down as soon as you receive it. It would also be wise to write it down before attaching it to the wall as it will be much more difficult to remove it just by reading the number on the back. Why do you need to find your Ring Doorbell’s serial number? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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