How to find the right graphic designer – Guide

You’ve heard all the horror stories of designers going after people, charging insane prices for mediocre work and broken communication – and you definitely don’t want any of that. How do you find someone qualified to do the work for you? More importantly – who can you trust to care about your brand and business and respect them as their own? Buckle up (or sit down with a coffee and a snack and a pen) because that guide and the accompanying planning worksheet will help you figure out what you need, narrow down a pool of potential candidates, and screen them thoroughly to find your ideal design partner. Get your planning worksheet here to follow my step-by-step guide to find the right designer. Ironically, it is precisely the abundance of online graphic designers, portfolios and design styles that poses a challenge. Filtering out the noise and finding the perfect one for you can be a headache. To the untrained eye, nuances and differences can easily get lost. It’s a bit like in a perfumery: after the first aromas, your nose gets really bad.

Tips to find the right graphic designer

Check out his previous works

Most graphic designers today will have an online portfolio where you can see examples of their past projects (here’s mine, for example!). This gives you a good idea of ​​their design style, and you can start to assess whether their aesthetic matches your own ideas. Graphic design is obviously a very creative field. You can give 10 designers the same brief and get 10 completely different results. Taking a look at the type of work they have produced in the past is a good starting point for finding a graphic designer who can create something that meets your expectations. You’ll also want to check out descriptions or case studies that explain the process behind the designer’s work. Design is solving problems. There should be careful thought in every design choice, so look for evidence of this. You don’t want to hire someone who just puts a pretty but superficial facade on everything and leaves it at that.

See what kind of experience and education you have

Okay, so formal training is NOT everything, but there’s a lot to design besides knowing how to Photoshop and InDesign work. People who have studied design should have a solid understanding of design theories and concept development, which is a big part of creating good work. The number of years a designer has worked is also not necessarily a great way to gauge their skill, but it can be a good indicator of how well equipped they are to deal with any obstacles that may arise in real-life projects. It is often through experience that people learn. how to handle deadlines, industry standards for print and web design, customers and other business management processes. You want to be able to trust that the graphic designer you hire will know what they are doing, no matter what difficulties arise.

Talk to them directly

Get in touch with the designer you are considering and take the time to learn more about them and their design process. This is important for both you and the designer. You can assess whether you will be a good fit for each other and how well your values ​​and expectations align. You want to find someone you can see yourself working with for the long term. Ideally, the graphic designer you choose will become part of your team; someone you can come back to again and again when you need the design work done. They can become more familiar with your business, your values, and your target audience. With a deep understanding of your brand, they will be able to suggest even better possibilities for your design needs. Instead of email, I definitely recommend talking to the designer directly – at phone or personally. Having a fluid conversation is a much better way to get to know each other and quickly get on the same page.

start small

If you find the prospect of hiring a graphic designer particularly daunting, consider starting with a smaller design project. For example, instead of starting with a full rebrand that will take weeks and cost a few thousand dollars, get something like a redesigned flyer or new business card designs. That way you can see how well they are working together without investing too much. You can test how easy it is to get in touch with the designer, how they respond to criticism, and what the process looks like from start to finish.

Final note

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