How to Fit Video on Instagram without Cropping – Guide

If you are recording a video on your phone camera or downloaded a clip from the internet, huge loads of viewpoint proportions are being utilized these days. This is also a relentless issue when you record a video and post it to Instagram as it is most often kept in an upward setting and Instagram could do without it. So, to address them unequivocally, this is the way to fit an entire Instagram video without cropping.

How to make videos suitable for Instagram without cropping?

There are many third-party editing software that you can buy to make your photos and videos suitable for Instagram without cropping, but we have provided a simple and free method in this article to do so. Fortunately, there are many editing apps that you can use to resize your videos for free. In addition to resizing, these apps offer many other great features also. To save your time, we have listed below the best apps that fit videos for Instagram without cropping and also guide to use them:


InShot is one of the best video editing apps available for free on Android and Apple Store that you can use to adjust your Instagram video without cropping. InShot app offers many editing features features like cropping and resizing and many others like trimming, adjusting playback speed, adding filters, etc. how to use the InShot app to tweak your videos for Instagram:


Kapwing is a free video editor that you can use to embed a video on Instagram. You just need to download the app to your desktop > upload the video you want to resize and start editing the video. It will easily resize your video without cropping. In addition to resizing and cropping videos, there are several other features Also how to Remove Image Background, Trim, Add Captions, Add Filters and more. Here’s How to use Kapwing to embed videos on Instagram:


Animaker is a free online editing tool that you can use to create videos for Instagram. You can easily embed a video on Instagram in just a few clicks. In addition to resizing videos, it helps to crop, merge, rotate and adjust the playback speed of video clips. Just upload the video you want to adjust to Instagram and start editing. Here’s How to use Animaker to adjust videos for Instagram without cropping:

How to Upload full video directly to Instagram without cropping?

The Instagram app has a built-in option to upload a full video on Instagram without cropping. See How to do this:

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