How to Fix Account Not in this Store Error on iPhone – Guide

You are trying to download a new iPhone app, but something is not working. You may be getting a pop-upup that says “Account is not in this store” and you’re not sure why. In this article, I will explain why this pop-upup is showing up on your iPhone and show you how to solve the problem once and for all!

How to Fix Account Not In This Store Error On iPhone

Change your country region

Change iTunes Password

Simply trying to change the iTunes settings in the app can also be quite helpful. Try making password changes that will reset your iTunes and it can be an easy task trick up your sleeves and sometimes gives results if not for everyone.

Change country in the App Store

If none of the changes work, just change the country your App Store is currently in. Let’s say you are operating in the United States of America and now your family trip to India is causing you a problem. Just change your app store country and that should allow you to install and buy items from the App Store.

Check restrictions

There are times when you consciously or unconsciously block certain features of your device. This in turn can interrupt your way on several occasions, one of them preventing you from downloading apps and showing this error. To change these settings, you must go to the App Store settings and find out which restrictions you have enabled and disabled. There’s a lot less chance of something like this happening, but it’s worth a try.

Contact Apple Support

If none of the above-given methods work to resolve your issue, return to your most trusted Apple troubleshooter. Apple support makes sure they can help you with any issues you experience related to Apple. That way, you can try to resolve this issue. These are some of the ways we know you can make a change in your situation. We’ve tried them out and tested them and therefore we’ve come up with them as they eradicate this annoying bug.

Final note

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