How to Fix ‘All Errors and Error Codes on Among Us’ Issue – Guide

In my first game, I died cleaning up the trash. You have to get used to it when you play with us. Encrypted error codes often appear when trying to play games with strangers or friends. The servers among us are struggling with their recent popularity and it’s hard to know if there are any connection issues or the game itself. Many of the error codes are easy to fix because they tell you what to do inside the error code. Not only will it give you a better understanding of what to do, but why you should do it. This is most likely a problem with the server. This means that an attempt was made to send data, but the data was not read from the server in time. When that happens, it assumes you’re not getting any data and kicks you out. This could be due to the host you chose or the server is simply under heavy load. Try changing the server host (click the globe icon) or wait a while and try again. Technical issues are common when it comes to video games. Even changing a single line of code can have a drastic impact on something else entirely.

restart between us

The fastest way to fix the server error is to simply restart Among Us. It is possible that the connection of one or two files has been interrupted, causing a domino effect that resulted in the error. Restarting the game will restart the process and we hope you come back up online.

Check server status

If restarting Among Us doesn’t work, check the status of the Inner Sloth servers. It is possible that one or more servers are down due to maintenance, updates or technical issues. Using sites like Down Detector is great for this.

Is an update available?

Are the Among Us servers working well? If yes, check for an update. Most games with an online component require players to maintain their game up-to-date to enjoy multiplayer.

Join a different server

If the previous method fails, try joining a different server. Keep trying different servers until you find one with optimal network strength. Here it is how to do it:

Restart your modem

Last but not least: Restart the modem. If none of the above methods have worked, the problem could probably be on your side, especially if you are playing Among Us using Wi-Fi. Children are advised to have their parents carry out this task.

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