How to Fix ‘Android Boot Loop’ Issue – Guide

Are you like many other users facing Android bootloop issue and wondering what exactly is Android bootloop? Well, Android’s boot loop is nothing more than a bug that makes your phone to turn it on whenever you turn it off manually. To be precise, if your Android phone won’t shut down or stay off and auto boot up after few seconds it may get stuck in android boot loop. An Android boot loop is a very common problem and one of the first symptoms of a soft-brick device. When your device encounters Android boot loop issue, it won’t boot normally to reach the home or lock screen and will remain frozen on the device logo, in recovery mode or with a backlit screen. Many people are afraid of losing their data and other files due to this error and hence it is a very confusing situation. We understand the inconvenience caused, so here are some ways to let you know how to fix boot loop issue on android devices without losing important data.

How to fix bootloop on a standard android device

How to fix bootloop on a rooted android device

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