Take some time to consider turning off some of those features if you recently updated your iPhone to iOS 16. The additional settings and functionality that iOS 16 adds to the iPhone are much-appreciated. Unsending SMS messages and receiving haptic feedback while typing on the keyboard are fantastic additions, but there is one feature you might not like. The placement of the Search icon at the bottom of the home screen, and above your dock, has caused much discontent among users. Even while the iOS Search tool is essential for accessing text messages, files, and settings quickly, the new button is situated in a spot where it’s simple to mistakenly hit, especially when you’re scrolling through your different home screen pages. So Below the Steps to Fix Annoying Features on iOS 16.

Steps to Fix Annoying Features on iOS 16

Remove the glaring Search icon

We agree that Spotlight is excellent. However, it is also only a swipe away. Apple includes a setting to revert to the previous behavior if you don’t like how iOS 16 replaced the Home Screen page dots with a Search icon (you are not alone in this). Step 1: Go to Settings > Home Screen Step 2: the Search section, disable “Show on Home Screen

Go back to the old Lock Screen notifications

With iOS 16, Apple made significant changes to the Lock Screen, including the notification system, which is now shown at the bottom of the screen. It’s a wonderful change and alerts are now simpler to access, however on the down side, they are all jumbled up in one stack and need swiping in order to view them all. Step 1: If you want to switch back, go to Settings > Notifications > Display As Step 2: change the default to “List.”

Stop the Side button from randomly ending calls

The call terminates immediately if you click the Side/Power button on your iPhone. Although some people think it’s a fantastic feature, it’s far too simple to push by accident. It is possible to deactivate the Side button if you often stop calls by lightly touching it. Step 1: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch Step 2: enable “Prevent Lock to End Call” for some peace of mind

Stop personal photos from popping up everywhere

Apple is heavily promoting its Featured Photos feature: Everywhere in iOS, including widgets, the For You page in Photos, Spotlight Search, and even while you’re making a new Lock Screen, your iPhone displays pictures of you, your family, and your pets. Others may find these ongoing windows into our lives intrusive, especially when iOS continues sharing photographs you’d prefer not to view, even if some of us enjoy them. Step 1: going to Settings > Photos Step 2: disabling Show Featured Content

Final Words

Numerous interesting new features are included in the iOS 16 update for the iPhone, the majority of which enhance the overall user experience. If you’re used to doing things a particular way, some of the features and adjustments that address irritating problems from iOS 15 and before may appear irksome. Fortunately, many of the enhancements can be simply configured or quickly rolled back to way it was on iOS 15 owing to a number of new customization settings. Therefore, you may disable some of the features that keep you from really appreciating your iPhone. You’ll quickly forget that the bothersome features ever existed after you’ve done it!

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