The first team to win 13 rounds of a match in the standard mode a 24-round format wins the match. The first team to win four rounds of the match—which is played over seven in the Spike Rush mode—wins the contest. The anti-cheat programme for the Valorant game is called Vanguard. To stop players from cheating in Valorant, Riot software is preinstalled on the game system. Without Riot Vanguard installed and running, you cannot play Valorant. Due to the fact that it restricts apps, that software has generated some controversy. Even when they are not playing the action game, players have complained that Vanguard blocks legitimate apps. A Riot Vanguard notification is displayed above the Windows system tray area when it blocks something.

Ways to Fix Anti Cheat Error in Valorant

Restart the Vanguard service

Disable Antivirus

Bypass Windows Firewall

Reinstall Vanguard


Director: David Nottingham · Joe Ziegler Release date: June 2, 2020

System requirements

Memory: 4 GB Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or Athlon 200GE File Size: 23 GB OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Valorant Gameplay

The newest first-person shooter from Riot Games, called Valorant, combines features from Overwatch and Counter-Strike. Due to the use of borrowed concepts, it lacks originality; however, a strong execution makes up for it. Combat encounters are tense and satisfying, and hero abilities offer subtle changes to the gameplay that add depth without detracting from the core experience. Each character in Valorant seems more like a playable concept than a fully realized human being because the browser game is so heavily focused on gameplay and combat. Even so, the tactile nature of gunplay takes precedence over abilities as the game’s main focus. In contrast to Overwatch, each character is free to use any weapon, and your skill set hardly affects how you play. Sage, for instance, is best known for her ability to revive teammates and heal other players, but you’ll still use the character to fight the entire enemy team.

History of Valorant

The engaging cast of agents, gorgeous environments, and satisfying arsenal in VALORANT go above and beyond what one might anticipate from a free-to-play shooter. VALORANT checks a lot of the right boxes for those looking to play a new team-based shooter, despite its flaws. Before the adventure game’s official release, Riot Games’ closed beta drops for it rocked Twitch and attracted a tone of attention. Even though not everyone preferred VALORANT’s playing style, the beta did play very well. The team quickly announced the early release of the game, and it is now freely accessible. Players can anticipate a very well-polished experience overall. A smooth-as-butter game is VALORANT. Lag and frame-rate instability frequently appear in other FPS games on various levels. In contrast, Riot’s shooter performs remarkably well, keeping unwarranted annoyances to a minimum.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix Anti Cheat Error in Valorant. First-person shooter multiplayer game Valorant is still fairly new for Windows 11/10. However, more players have reported errors with that game on Microsoft’s most recent desktop platform since the release of Windows 11. Two of the most frequently cited Valorant problems are the Van9001 and Windows 11 anti-cheat errors. Both of those problems are related to the Vanguard software from Valorant. When you attempt to launch the steam game, the error message “Vanguard Anti-cheat has encountered an error” appears. Vanguard starts up automatically in the background each time you start the strategy game. Vanguard is necessary to maintain the integrity of competitive gameplay, so if it isn’t functioning properly in the background, the game won’t launch.

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