How to Fix Auto Lock Grayed Out on iPhone – Guide

Every now and then the auto-lock setting on my iPhone would get stuck at thirty seconds, although I clearly remember setting it to 1 minute. And occasionally I can’t change the auto-lock time setting in Settings → Display & Brightness → Auto-Lock because the option is grayed out. Has this ever happened to you in the past? the automatic lock feature on your iPhone automatically locks your device after a certain period of inactivity. This saves battery and protects your device from unauthorized use. Some users complain that iPhone auto-lock does not work for them. Your iPhones will not lock automatically even after a certain period of inactivity. If you find yourself in this situation, then you are probably looking for ways to solve your iPhone auto-lock not working issue. Next guide offers some of the methods that you can use to fix the lock issue on your device. Until the final from this post you will have an iPhone with a working autolock feature. Of course, if you or someone else turned off AutoBlock, your phone will not be blocked no matter how many minutes or hours have passed since you used your device. You can check the status of AutoBlock and enable it if it is disabled by following the steps below.

How to fix grayed out auto lock on iPhone

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