Popular French social media app BeReal was released in 2020. It was created by Alexis Barreyat, and in early 2022, Gen Z started to take a liking to it. It asks users to upload a photo from whatever they are doing during a daily 2-minute window that is chosen at random. However, when your app crashes as a result of a malfunction or unexpected problem, everything comes to a standstill. Therefore, there are some troubleshooting techniques to fix BeReal Not Loading or Working if you have a similar scenario. We have mentioned steps below to Fix BeReal Not Working On Phone.

4 Ways To Fix BeReal Not Working On Phone

Clear BeReal App Cache

Android users should Find the BeReal App in the settings menu and tap on clean cache. Cache for the BeReal App will be deleted. iPhone users should access the iPhone’s settings » Select General. Click iPhone Storage. Locate the BeReal App, select it, touch the Offload App button, and then install it once more.

Uninstall and Reinstall BeReal App

Uninstall the BeReal app, then reinstall it to resolve the problem. The BeReal app can sometimes be uninstalled and reinstalled to remedy problems. Therefore, first uninstall the programme from your phone, then reinstall, then check to see if the BeReal app is operational or not.

Install The Old Version of BeReal App

Installing the previous version of the BeReal app will fix any issues it may be having. The most recent version occasionally has bugs. Install the previous version in the interim until the bug has been fixed in the new version. However, this workaround is only effective for Android users, not iPhone users.

Restart Your Phone

If the aforementioned method is ineffective, there may be a problem with your phone rather than the BeReal app. Restart your phone after closing the BeReal app. Check to see if the BeReal App functions properly after restarting the phone.

Final Words

We  hope like our article on how To Fix BeReal Not Working On Phone. BeReal is a novel approach to social media in which, when the app alerts you that it’s time for a candid shot, you publish an unfiltered (literally  the app has no filters) in-the-moment image. It’s intriguing, however occasionally the software just doesn’t function as it should. Here are seven of the most popular methods for troubleshooting and resolving issues when BeReal isn’t functioning.

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