How to Fix ‘Black Screen When Screen Recording’ Issue on Android – Guide

Screen recording is now possible on all popular smart devices in our daily life, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phones to name a few. But for one reason or another, the screen might go black when the screencasting task is running, or you just get a normal photo when receiving a black screen video later. OBS, Shawdowplay, Camtasia, Bandicam, Filmora Scrn, AZ/DU Screen Recorder, Xiaomi Black Sharek. From the system, software to direct recording content, you may be prohibited from taking screenshots of both. Most likely, it’s the anti-piracy, or DRM, that matters. The little unknown bug of the machine system especially Android OS can cause certain users to get caught in this black bug. Of course, it could be an occasional bug that you can fix yourself, or it could be a serious bug that requires more system updates. As with the last reason, any screen recording app can infiltrate and get performance errors or recording settings due to its built-in mechanism. Your recording goes black because you overloaded your PC or device. Even if your screen recorder doesn’t work on the same GPU as the recording app, the screen will also be black. An old graphics driver can lead to an unusual display issue, including, of course, displaying during screen transmission.

Fix black screen when recording screen on Android

Restart your devices/software

First, you should try restarting the screen recorder. Also, restarting a computer can always fix some device issues. So, you must restart the devices including your computer or phone.

Update software, system and drivers to the latest

Make sure the software, system and drivers (PC only) up Until the present date. If any of them have not been updated to the latest version, especially the PC graphics driver, then you may encounter black screen logs in Windows 10.

Check the limitation

Change recording settings

It is recommended that you change recording settings in the app such as resolution, frame rate, quality, etc. You should change the app’s capture settings as per the actual situation to see if it helps. For example, if your PC is low-end, lower the quality level and parameter values; disable GPU hardware acceleration for video processing.

Final note

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