Many Windows 10 customers have already successfully upgraded to the Windows 11 Developer or Public Beta through the Insider Program. Beta builds are not reliable enough despite getting regular updates. You are not alone if you are facing Windows 11 Bluetooth audio issue. Here, we offer some potential options that should work for you. Users often experience connection issues, stuttering or distortion in Bluetooth audio. Needless to say, beta versions occasionally have bugs or stability issues that can lead to a variety of issues.

6 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Audio Not Working Problem in Windows 11

Restart your system

Many accidental problems with your system can be resolved by restarting your system. While it may seem unappealing, the older technique in the book still works most of the time. A process or service may have a hiccup from time to time. They will be removed from memory and all services and processes will be restarted after a reboot. Also, it will reinstall all drivers including Bluetooth adapter drivers. Try to pair the Bluetooth device and use it to play sounds.

Make sure the Bluetooth device is within range

Bluetooth has a defined range for connections. The gadget will not be able to maintain connectivity if you place it too far from your device. laptop or computer. The normal range is 10 meters, however newer devices may have a longer range. Keeping Bluetooth range will allow you to reconnect and try audio playback again.

Remove and re-pair the Bluetooth device

Enable Bluetooth adapter in Device Manager

Update your Bluetooth drivers

Configure Bluetooth Audio Device Services

Final Words

So here we end our article on how to Fix the issue of Bluetooth audio not working on Windows 11. Through the Insider program, many users have switched to the next version of Windows 11. Although the beta version has received frequent updates, they are still not perfect. Many users experience Bluetooth connectivity issues, audio latency when using Bluetooth headphones or headphones, and other associated concerns. Fortunately, these issues can be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting techniques. In this post, we will see how to resolve Bluetooth and audio latency issues on a Windows 11 computer.

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