How to Fix ‘Bluetooth Not Working’ Issue on iPhone and iPad – Guide

iOS 15 will come to users, it is powerful and it is said to be the fastest iOS ever released by Apple by fixing some bugs that appeared before. However, there is no such thing as a perfect update and no one can promise that everything can be fine even after your device gets the new iOS 15 update. Previously, we have shown you the most common iOS update issues such as iPhone stuck on Apple logo, Siri issues that may occur after iOS update, and many iPhone 12 users or other iPhone models running iOS 15 beta reported Bluetooth problems like suddenly etc. Here we are going to talk about the most common iPhone Bluetooth issues you may encounter after iOS update and share some tips to fix iPhone -Fix Bluetooth issue with ease.

Remove the Bluetooth accessory and pair it again

Reset Bluetooth accessory

If the first two solutions do not produce the desired result, try resetting the Bluetooth accessory. Just like any other device, Bluetooth devices also tend to have occasional problems. Therefore, resetting may resolve the issue. Be sure to check the user manual if you need help as the process varies by device. Most 3rd party accessories like speakers have a small reset button you can press. Note that resetting it with unplugging it from all other devices as well and you will have to pair it with all devices again.

Reset network configuration

update the software

Final note

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