How to Fix ‘Cannot Upload Files in iCloud Issue’ – Guide

You can transfer documents and a wide variety of files from Mac or PC to iCloud Drive and access them from any device in your iCloud account. You will find below the means to upload files to iCloud Drive.

How to Fix ‘Cannot Upload Files on iCloud Problem’

Check iCloud Drive System Status

iCloud Drive may not work properly because there may be an outage of iCloud Drive. The first step for you is to check the status of iCloud Drive. If iCloud Drive is having system issues, it means that the problem is not on your end. It also means that the only thing you can do is wait for Apple to fix it and then try to upload again. Here’s how:

Check your internet connection

Your upload may not work because the problem is with your internet connection. If your Mac is not connected to the Internet, iCloud Drive upload will not work. Because this service requires an Internet connection. Make sure your device, your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, has a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular data connection. If you are having problems, you can try:

Sign out of iCloud and sign in again

Sometimes just logging out and back in can fix this issue. Follow these steps:

Check your antivirus or firewall software

Do you have a third-party antivirus, security or firewall application? They could be blocking your connection to iCloud. What you can do is disable this app. After disabling, open and try to upload a file? It works? If it works now, it means your iCloud traffic is blocked by this third party app. If this is the case, you have these options:

Rename your file

Sometimes strange things can happen for no apparent reason. Some characters in file and folder names can cause this problem. Change the name of the file or folder you want to upload to iCloud. Make sure that:

Clear your cache

Clear your browser cache to see if that resolves the issue. Here’s how:

Try a different browser

If none of the above resolves the issue for you, try a different browser to access The problem could be the browser you are using. For example, if you are using Safari, close Safari and try Chrome. If you’re Chrome, try Firefox.

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