Players are currently venting their complaints about the new franchise installment’s bugs and errors on the 2K forums and the steam game’s dashboard on Steam. A turn-based strategy game called Civilization VI, also known as Civ VI, was first released in 2016. Develop a civilization from a settlement to a global superpower is the goal of the adventure game. Victory can be attained under a variety of circumstances, including military dominance, technological advantage, or cultural sway. We mentioned below are the ways to Fix Civilization 6 Crashes.

Ways to Fix Civilization 6 Crashes

Run Game in Compatibility Mode

Install the Latest Game Patch and Windows Update

As you are aware, browser game developers frequently release game patches that include new features or bug fixes for previously reported problems. Therefore, installing the most recent patch may be useful if you are playing an outdated or old version of the game. Additionally, some users advise installing any available Windows updates, so you could give it a shot. All you have to do is click the Check for Updates button in the right pane of Windows Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. After that, install any Windows updates that are available by following the onscreen instructions.

Use Medium or Low Settings for The Game

Many gamers prefer to increase the game’s in-game settings to get better gaming experiences. The high settings, however, might be beyond the capabilities of the computer, which could also cause Civilization VI to crash. As a result, if Civ 6 keeps crashing, try changing the game’s graphics settings to low or medium, such as Performance Impact or Memory Impact.

Update Graphics Card Driver

Add an Exclusion for The Game in Your Antivirus

Furthermore, your antivirus programme may be the cause of the Civ 6 crashing problem. The antivirus can defend your system against a variety of threats, but it may obstruct the installed program’s regular operation. You can try adding an exclusion for the game if Civilization VI keeps crashing on your computer and you are using an antivirus programme. To stop the utility from scanning for game data if you are using Windows Defender antivirus, you should also add an exception for the game. Launch the game once more after that, and you should be able to play it without any issues.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix Civilization 6 Crashes. Since the release of the most recent Civilization game a few days ago, players all over the world have been having fun trying to conquer their foes and rule the world through the various ages of man. But now a terrible thing has happened, and the most recent Pc game patch has added a nasty bug that has left many players struggling to even load into their saved games.

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