When a specific hardware device is connected to your computer, the error may appear multiple times. This error can also be seen when your computer becomes sluggish or freezes upon a mouse click or keyboard press. Windows’ recommended solution for this error is to uninstall and then reinstall the drivers. However, there are other existing solutions to this problem. Below we have mentioned the steps to Fix Code 19 Errors in Windows.

How to Fix Code 19 Errors in Windows

Reboot your system

Many registry errors are temporary and appear only on rare occasions. As a result, there are some, albeit remote, chances that you can resolve this issue with nothing more than a reboot.

See if iTunes is causing the problem

Despite being a popular piece of software, iTunes has been known to mess up the registry. If you’re using it, this could be the source of the Code 19 issue, so try it and see if it helps.

Final Words

Before attempting any troubleshooting methods, always create a system restore point or backup for your device. This will save you the stress of making mistakes while attempting to fix the problem. Your computer contains numerous drivers that allow your hardware devices to function. They occasionally become corrupt or go missing. This is typically caused by a system crash or a recent update or upgrade to your computer’s operating system. This may appear to be inconvenient because it prevents you from controlling your external device. Any of the methods above should assist you in resolving this problem.

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