But there is an issue. Because Apple is employing greater density SSDs for storage, several reviewers have noted that the M2 may actually be slower than earlier versions in some circumstances. As a result, if you select the standard configuration, you receive a single 256GB SSD rather than two 128GB SSD chips. The M2 appears to be slower in benchmarks since the storage controller could previously write to both chips simultaneously, isn’t that right? You shouldn’t be concerned for even a moment that this machine won’t be fast enough for your requirements. Definitely not the issue is slowness. We have mentioned steps below to Solve Common MacBook Air M2 Problems.

Steps to Solve Common MacBook Air M2 Problems

Slow SSD performance in the Base model

It’s important to note that other M2 MacBook models appear to have utilised two NAND chips from Apple. The M2 MacBooks with 512GB and 1TB SSDs performed better than the 256GB model in the Read speed test. In comparison to the MacBook Pro M1, the 512GB variant offers the same performance. Interestingly, the M2 MacBook Pro’s 1TB model performs better than the M1 model. If you often work with huge files and transmit data to external devices, such as while editing video or archiving shoot-related dailies. The 512GB or 1TB SSD variant of the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with an M2 processor is what we advise choosing.

M2 MacBook Air CPU Throttling

Here is a creative workaround if you are a hardware expert or a seasoned do-it-yourselfer who is comfortable opening the M2 MacBook Air. For instructions on how to install thermal pads on the motherboard, see the Max Tech tutorial. These pads will distribute the heat produced away from the CPU, preventing it from throttling and enabling it to maintain an ideal temperature. Please be aware that this procedure is hazardous and will undoubtedly violate your Mac’s warranty. You can attempt the following if your M2 MacBook Air overheats even under little use or remains warm most of the time:

M2 MacBook Air not charging

The Midnight MacBook Air M2 is a fingerprint magnet

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Fix Common MacBook Air M2 Problems. The MacBook Air M2 is genuinely deserving of the Air moniker. And we not saying the prior MacBook Air M1 wasn’t fantastic; after all, it played a part in introducing the world to the computing prowess of Apple.

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