Groups of data are saved as files to carry out, reveal, or perform a certain task. Different formats can be used to save these files. Let’s imagine you used one of the top office Android apps to generate a document and saved it as a.doc file. The next time you try to open it on your device, it tells you that the file is corrupted. The system of an smartphone can occasionally become corrupt, which can affect the Apps, Games, and even all Files and Folders, in addition to corrupting documents. We mentioned below are the ways to Fix Corrupted Files On Android

Ways to Fix Corrupted Files On Android

Clear Camera App Data

Restore Files from the Backup

You can attempt restoring your files from the backup if you don’t want to take the prior advice. We think that you may have made a backup of every file. The corrupted file can be removed, and you can restore any damaged files from the backup folder you’ve established. You should be able to see the files after you transfer the file.

Convert the Format to Another

You can change the format of damaged image or video files in order to restore them. With certain internet programmes, you can change the file’s format to whatever other format you like. You should be able to play the file if you try this. Your query about how to fix videos that won’t play on Android may have an answer in this.

Use VLC Media Player

You can also use your VLC media player to fix damaged video files. You can recover corrupted files using a few fixing options that VLC includes. You must first access the media menu before choosing convert/save. Add the corrupted files, then select Convert/Save. When a drop-down choice appears, choose Video -H.264 + MP3 (MP4). Once you’ve given the converted file a name, you may begin playing it.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix Corrupted Files On Android. before you can save a file, your computer shuts down or loses power. Data corruption can also be caused by a bad hard disc and corrupt files in your device’s file system. Your system files can malfunction as a result of viruses.

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