You take on the role of Deacon St. John, a young Oregon biker who always wears his baseball cap backwards, even at his wedding. Deacon sets out on a quest to find his missing wife, Sarah, two years after a mysterious outbreak turns half of America’s population into zombie-like cannibals known as freakers. Other stories include learning the truth about the pandemic because there is always a truth behind these things. But it’s the desire to reunite with his beloved spouse that drives our anti-hero the most. Days Gone is an open world game set in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. There are old-growth forests, cascading waterfalls, dusty stretches of desert, one-horse towns, and kitschy motels in this sweeping, rugged landscape. It’s a completely standard zombie apocalypse, complete with abandoned government checkpoints, mass graves, gutted houses, car tunnels stuffed with wrecks, and so on. But it’s all very well done, and it’s often very atmospheric especially when the sky darkens to a gloomy slate grey and the rain and thunder begin to fall. In Days Gone, your bike is your life, and keeping it running is a full-time job. You burn gas as you ride from place to place, which means scavenging for fuel when the tank eventually runs dry. If you crash hard or are ambushed by opportunistic bandits, you must collect scrap, another valuable resource, to repair your vehicle. It’s a very basic simulation of motorcycle maintenance, but it shows that there’s more to a long distance trip than slamming on the throttle and tuning out until you reach the goal marker.

Ways to Fix Days Gone Lagging Issue

Update Graphics Drivers

Run the game as an administrator

Set High Priority in Task Manager

Verify Integrity of Game Files

Update Days Gone

Check System Requirements



Days Gone was a large undertaking for the studio best known for Uncharted spinoffs and the Syphon Filter series. Six years after its conception, Sony Bend’s first open-world game would be released on PlayStation 4. You play as Deacon St. John, a survivor who still wears his biker cut and a backward-facing cap at the end of the world. You travel on his motorcycle, taking on missions for other survivors while avoiding freakers, which are groups of infected humans who roam the wastelands looking for people to maim. It was a pivotal moment for the studio, a true sink or swim situation. “My design philosophy is that you have to stick to your core fantasy,” Ross says. “So, whatever core fantasy your IP is attempting to create, if players are buying into it, they expect it to be delivered on. Human marauders and feral Freaker want tobees known as Rippers who occupy camps (aka outposts) are still fun to rumble with, even if they present a somewhat easy challenge due to a very forgiving stealth gameplay style. While long grass and plenty of cover are beneficial, encounters with human enemies are made easier because enemy AI is rarely clustered together. Though bodies cannot be hidden in Days Gone, enemies are spread out enough that you can stealth kill one and frequently leave a body in broad daylight without being noticed. They will rarely become aware of your presence as long as they are not facing you.


With more powerful gaming PCs, the Windows version allows for improved graphics and performance. Mike Epstein discusses the game’s technical improvements and how they may affect your experience while playing Days Gone on PC. Minor spoilers about mission structure and overall story direction are included in this review. There are no major plot points that have been revealed. Around 10 hours into Days Gone, you’re thrown into a pointless hunting tutorial. Although you’ve already had a tracking lesson, the over-the-top libertarian character takes you out with a rifle and shows you how to track a deer. You’re then tasked with getting more meat for yourself and your companion because your supply is running low, which you’ll never have to do again.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Fix Days Gone Lagging Issue. Days Gone’s long-awaited PC port has finally arrived. Days Gone has been a PS4 exclusive for years, so it’s a welcome title for many who prefer to play on their Desktop computers rather than a PlayStation. While Days Gone is generally stable and does not contain any major game-breaking bugs, some players have reported experiencing extremely low FPS in certain areas of the game. Others have complained that theirs is unplayable due to sudden frame rate drops. You can download this game on from from this site.

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