There can be a variety of causes for a slow computer. Some of them deal with how you use your computer, while others are software related or have to do with your computer’s hardware. Due to frequent use, your laptop gradually starts to accumulate more data and applications. Over time, this can cause your laptop’s reaction time to decrease, increasing the time it takes to perform routine tasks and decreasing your productivity. When performing routine maintenance on your computer, such as cleaning up disk space and starting Windows hard disk tools, you can speed up up so low laptop. To improve speed, you can also prevent unnecessary apps from starting up when your laptop turns on and adds extra RAM capacity. We have mentioned below ways to fix deal with slow Windows laptop.

Ways to Fix Dealing with Slow Windows laptop

Restart your PC

one of the countless features What frequent PC users appreciate is the option to put their machine into sleep mode. There are certain nice benefits to being able to just dismiss the screen and call it a day. But because of the ease of use, computers are never turned off. The various performance benefits of shutting down and back to the computer can increase rather than decrease your productivity. It might be time to restart if you can’t remember the last time you turned your computer off completely. Develop the practice of turning off the computer at final of the day can significantly accelerate up continuity of computer operations.

Check for updates

Your laptop it can take weeks or months for a software update if you are the type of PC user who often hits the “Remind me tomorrow” button button when your operating system notifies you of new downloads available. While installing Windows updates can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, they are necessary for the health of your computer. It is in your best interest to remove these crucial updates as soon as they appear, as your computer warns you about them for a purpose.

Use cloud storage

The HP Chromebook is unwavering evidence that cloud-based file storage is the way of the future. Cloud services offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft allow you to save files, photos and music collections in what seems to be little space. For PC users with limited local capacity, cloud storage is an ideal replacement. you will be able to free up space on your PC, as well as worrying less about how much data you’re keeping, as you’ll be safe on a virtual server.

Update your hard drive

The hard drive on your laptop this is where your computer’s data resides. The hard drive is what is meant when people talk about storing a computer. If you don’t routinely free up space on your hard drive, your computer’s performance can suffer greatly. The more you use it and write data to it, the slower it will run. Consider switching to a more powerful solid state drive for your hard drive rather than starting from scratch. Most newer computers already have an SSD, but owners of older PCs can replace their internal components to add more storage space.

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to Fix Deal with Slow Windows laptop. A slow PC can be caused by a number of things. There are several factors that could be slowing down your computer’s performance as the operating system has to divide the computer’s resources (memory, disk space, and processor power) among all the programs that are running on it. The main reasons for a slow computer mainly boil down to the misuse of resources on your PC.

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