How to Fix Deathloop Stuttering Issues on PC – Guide

Deathloop was widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike, and is becoming one of the best games this year. Deathloop revolves around time travel and considering it was developed at the same time as Dishonored and Prey, there’s a lot of hype surrounding it. So far, it looks like you managed to live up to expectations, but kind of faltered in one department.


Although the game has been critically acclaimed for its mechanics and gameplay, PC gamers are on the bad side of things. Steam’s reviews of the game have been bombarded with negative reviews, with tons of players experiencing in-game performance issues. Stuttering has been one of the biggest concerns for gamers and, reportedly, lowering resolution hasn’t helped for PC gamers. In fact, some gamers have reported that they haven’t been able to get the performance they want, even on systems with an RTX 3080 Ti in them. Unsurprisingly, players are blaming it on Denuvo’s presence. This isn’t the first time Denuvo has been accused of affecting performance, anti-piracy technology has a long history of performance issues. Interestingly, one of Arkane’s games, Prey, had the Denuvo removed because it was affecting the game’s performance.


While developers still don’t recognize the game’s performance issues, players have arrived. up with some workarounds to get rid of stuttering at least. One of the users mentioned that the following settings helped them to improve their performance significantly. Frame rate – 60 VSync – On Nvidia Reflex – On + Boost Low latency mode – enabled FidelityFX Super Resolution – On Although gamers still can’t get the best graphics quality with FidelityFX Super Resolution enabled, it will still increase performance significantly. From the news

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