How to Fix Delayed Gmail Notifications on Oxygen OS – Guide

Oxygen OS, which is known among Android enthusiasts as the best Android interface, has its merits. The integrated application and file system, parallel applications, a fast application launcher and so on are some of the features which make it even better than Android Stock in my opinion. But Oxygen OS has its weaknesses and one of them is the delay in Gmail notifications. Fortunately, you can fix late Gmail notifications on OnePlus Oxygen OS if you have root access. OxygenOS is often described as one of the best Android skins on the market. It’s fast, clean, and has a ton of useful features. features that are liked by practically everyone. However, it has long struggled with one big issue – overly aggressive battery optimizations that often disable background apps, including Gmail services. Oxygen OS, like many other OEM skins in China, aggressively optimizes battery life. This often disables background services that you might not want. This is especially problematic with communication apps like WhatsApp, Messenger or even Gmail. You can usually resolve this issue by simply turning off the app to optimize battery life. There are some very effective tips to save the battery of Android devices. It’s annoying when you keep missing your email notifications because OxygenOS keeps disabling needed services. Even disabling battery optimization is no guarantee that it will work, so this issue is still not resolved. Fortunately, there is a Magisk module that should fix any Gmail issues you might be having.

How to fix late Gmail notifications on Oxygen OS

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