For many users, this can be a hindrance. If you’re having trouble getting WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone, try these steps to see if they help. The problem here is that when users receive a message WhatsApp does not notify them. Only when they launch the app manually do they get all new message notifications at once. This is a serious problem because an iPhone user who is affected could end up up missing crucial texts. Also, frequently checking WhatsApp for new messages is not the best course of action. We have mentioned the steps below to Fix Delayed WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone

4 Ways to Fix Delayed WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone

restart your Phone

The best answers are not always the most complex. restart your phone if you find that WhatsApp notifications are not working. This can help you clear any background data and usually resolves any issues you may have with WhatsApp notifications.

Check your network connection

A bad network could be to blame if you don’t receive any WhatsApp notifications, or rarely or never. Background data on your phone is affected by poor network connection which may cause lag or no app notification. In home screen, you can check your network strength to see if all the bars are lit up🇧🇷 Connect to a stronger network if your internet connection is poor. Restart the wireless router if you are using one. Wi-Fi problems are often solved this way.

Enable WhatsApp Notifications

WhatsApp offers its own notification settings within the app, in addition to your device’s notification settings. It can be used to customize WhatsApp notification settings. If you are not receiving any WhatsApp alerts, check if the feature is enabled in app settings. On an Android device, open WhatsApp, select Settings > Notifications by tapping the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp

The fact that WhatsApp uses up lots of internal storage on your phone it is one of its disadvantages. This is due to the fact that WhatsApp keeps a huge amount of data including chats, media files, contacts and temporary data which surpasses many other apps. As WhatsApp uses a lot of storage space, it is possible for the program to malfunction, which often leads to missed or delayed alerts. This can often be fixed by deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix delayed WhatsApp notifications on iPhone. The popularity of WhatsApp has been steadily increasing all over the world. As it is a cross-platform messaging service, anyone can use it, regardless of platform. While WhatsApp makes it easy for you to interact with your friends and family, occasionally there may be issues like WhatsApp Web not syncing or an iPhone issue where WhatsApp disconnects constantly.

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