Users are anticipating iOS 16’s new features and updates as it becomes available for more devices. Using AI-based image processing, one of them is the depth effect on lock screen wallpaper. By partially overlapping the wallpaper with the widgets and bringing the subject into focus, it provides an intriguing depth illusion. Unfortunately, a lot of users have noted that iOS 16’s Depth Effect doesn’t work. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as an unsupported device or image, several subjects on the wallpaper, a background conflict, etc. But there is no need for concern. The techniques described here make it simple to find and address the current potential problems. Additionally, as iOS 16 is still relatively new, allow it some time to provide you a top-notch experience.

Ways to fix Depth Effect Not Working on iOS 16

Update Your iPhone to the latest iOS 16

You must make sure that your iPhone is running the iOS 16 operating system in order to use the Depth Effect. Only the iOS 16 updates provide this feature. Update your iPhone to the most recent iOS 16 version first if it is capable of receiving the most recent iOS 16 update and you haven’t already done so. Follow the instructions below to update your iPhone. Step 1: Go to Settings on your device. Step 2: Head to the General section. Step 3: Click on Software Update and update your device.

Remove Lock Screen Widgets

Your iPhone device’s Depth Effect may not be functioning due to some lock screen widgets. Therefore, getting rid of some widgets might be the answer. Learn how to remove lock screen widgets by following the steps. Step 1: Turn on your Lock Screen and tap Customize. Step 2: Click on the Widget in the widget area. Step 3: Now, select the (-) symbol to remove the Widget.

Check and Enable the Depth Effect Feature

Make sure your iPhone has the Depth Effect feature turned on. Normally, iOS 16 keeps the Depth Effect turned on by default. But you must first check on your own. Step 1: Unlock your iPhone. Step 2: Tap Customize on your lock screen. Step 3: Now, select three dots in the bottom right corner. Step 4: Check if Depth Effect is enabled or not.

Reposition the Wallpaper on Your iPhone

Repositioning your wallpaper properly is necessary for Depth Effect to work properly. Even if the iOS 16 wallpaper is the correct one, Depth Effect won’t function properly if the position is off. Step 1: Go to Settings. Step 2: Head to the Wallpaper section and tap on Customize below the correct Lock Screen. Step 3: After that, click on Add a New Wallpaper and pick the suitable wallpaper. Step 4: Now, use two fingers to zoom in and out slowly to focus your attention on the subject. Step 5: Drag the image slowly using two fingers, and the subject comes in front of the clock.

Reset All settings on your device

We advise you to reset all of your iPhone’s settings if none of the aforementioned techniques succeed. The Depth Effect might not function on your device as a result of some previous adjustments. Reset all of your iPhone’s settings to see if the Depth Effect appears on your lock screen.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to fix Depth Effect Not Working on iOS 16. There are a number of reasons why the depth effect might not be functioning on your device. An unsupported device, an unsupported image, or a background conflict could all be the cause of your issue. The clock and widgets on your lock screen will then follow the location of your subject and the layer below it. It is a fantastic tool for giving your lock screen personality. For many consumers, it does not, however, seem to work out of the box.

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