Typically, Dev Error 6036 appears at the start of the game or causes the game to crash in the middle of a match. It is still not clear exactly what causes the problem. Some sources claim this has to do with damaged game files, while others discuss problematic downloads and speculate that Dev Error 6036 may be related to the game’s localization. The developers claim that you should be able to get around the glitch just by playing the English edition of the game. We have mentioned below the steps to fix Dev Error 6036 Modern Warfare.

Steps to Fix Developer Error 6036 Modern Warfare

Dev Error 6036 can be resolved simply by fixing the game as the problem is usually caused by a faulty installation procedure or corrupted game files.

For Steam Users

For Battle.net Users

Final Words

The problem was most likely because the game build was incomplete because it had not finished downloading yet. Make sure no downloads are running by checking your console or Battle.Net launcher. Also, try to avoid download interruptions while the download is in progress. It might be better to let it download rather than use up lots of bandwidth playing the game. We hope that our article on “How to Fix Dev Error 6036 Modern Warfare” will surely help you to do that.

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