While Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the most frequently affected by this problem, it does not exclude any other manufacturers or models of smartphones from being affected. A “Emergency calls only” or “No service” error on an Android device can be caused by one of three things: a weak signal, a glitch or software issue with the device, or a physical obstruction. We have mentioned steps below to Fix Emergency Calls Only Error on Android

Ways to Fix Emergency Calls Only Error on Android

Restart the device

Switch on and off your Android phone. It’s typical for mobile phones to not recognize new SIM cards right away; this happens until the device is rebooted. This is most likely the simplest solution to resolve the SIM error: Only make emergency calls.

Adjust the SIM card

Try to properly configure your SIM card in your Android phone. This is important since your SIM card is what links you to your network. However, not all devices allow you to access SIM cards. This may be a solution to the “Emergency Calls Only” issue if yours has it.

Manually select the carrier

If these instructions don’t match what you see on your user interface which is likely if you’re using an Android device—you may also look for assistance on the manufacturer’s website. Get to know the settings on your Android phone.

Change Network Mode to GSM Only

Change your network mode if you can use your phone to make “Emergency Calls Only” in the current signal. Although 2G transmissions aren’t fast, they are dependable. Select 2G only or GSM only under Mobile Networks > Network Mode in Settings. You must navigate to Settings > Data Usage on other devices, then click the menu icon in the top-right corner. then choose Preferred Network Type under Cellular Networks. Click GSM Only.

Replace SIM Card

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix Emergency Calls Only Error on Android. Has the Emergency Calls Only message started to appear on your Android smartphone? Has service been lost on your phone? Can you no longer phone, text, or receive messages from others? Well, having a cell phone with no service is pretty much useless. This tutorial will offer some tips and recommendations on how to work with your Android phone to try and get it out of the Emergency calls only mode and back to normal functioning.

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