This occurs when your Mac experiences Internet problems ranging from slow surfing to intermittent or no Internet connection at all. It should be noted that FaceTime requires Internet access to function. As a result, if your Internet connection is inconsistent, FaceTime and other Internet apps will be unstable or completely inaccessible. We have mentioned steps below to Fix Facetime Not Working on Mac

Ways to Fix Facetime Not Working on Mac

Check Apple servers

If you don’t have any signal issues yet FaceTime still won’t connect, contact Apple to ensure the app is operational. Apple service updates can occasionally create FaceTime connectivity difficulties. To see if the servers are operational, go to the Apple System Status page and search for any outages, which will be highlighted in yellow. If the app’s status is green but it still does not work, the issue may be limited to your region. Check the Outage Report website to see if your current location is experiencing FaceTime issues.

Restart your Mac and Wi-Fi Router

This is a critical troubleshooting step that you should not overlook because it appears to be too simple. Click the Apple emblem in the upper left corner and select Restart. While this is happening, turn off your Wi-Fi router and restart it in a few seconds. FaceTime should work flawlessly after both your MacBook and router have been reset.

Check Apple’s System Status when FaceTime isn’t working

On rare times, everything seems to be going in your favor. However, the issue lies with Apple, as FaceTime does not allow you to make calls. To find out, go to Apple’s System Status page. A green dot for FaceTime indicates that everything is in order. Please wait until Apple resolves the issue if you see an orange or red dot for FaceTime, Apple ID, or iCloud Account & Sign In.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Fix Facetime Not Working on Mac. While FaceTime for Mac is generally dependable, you may occasionally have issues. If your FaceTime app isn’t connecting no matter how many times you try to activate it, don’t worry – there are solutions available.

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