How to Fix ‘Fingerprint Not Working’ Issue on all the Xiaomi Devices – Guide

Rear-mounted and side-mounted fingerprint scanners are now standard on Android smartphones. While this new technology offers a quick way to unlock smartphones, it sometimes behaves strangely. How to fix fingerprint scanner not working issue on Xiaomi phones. This one guide applies to all Xiaomi phones (Mi, Redmi and Poco). Please note that hardware related fingerprint issues on Xiaomi phones are rare and that guide it won’t help you to fix them. A reboot fixes many of the software related issues on Android. So, if fingerprint unlock has suddenly stopped working, restart your phone too long pressing the power button or by selecting the reset option from the power menu. Secret codes are the best way to keep your information safe and private. Each person has a unique secret code on their fingers that no one else can match. This makes the fingerprint sensor more reliable and easier to use. even more brand phones has technical issues that are particularly annoying when you’re in a hurry and your fingerprint sensor isn’t responding.

Re-enroll fingerprint

If your device does not recognize your fingerprint, try adding your fingerprint again. Over time, the fingerprint sensor may not be able to recognize your fingers due to wear and tear on your finger biometrics and this is quite normal. Also, there are times when if you don’t set the fingerprint correctly then it can cause these fingerprint issues.

clear cache of Phone

The system cache is a small data stored by the Android system that helps phones load apps and other functions quickly. Heavy cache build-up may cause the fingerprint to not respond quickly. Just clear your cache mobile, this will clear the cache and not harm your files. The steps below may vary for MIUI versions.

redefine the Phone

If none of the above works, reset the device. I recommend that you reset the device from recovery mode.

Final note

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