How to Fix FireStick Overheating Issue – Guide

In recent years, Fire TV Stick owners have complained that their devices get too hot. This is a very common problem, especially if you use the device a lot. The Fire TV Stick is an inexpensive device, and many people have bought it simply for the TV shows and movies it can stream. But the Fire TV Stick is not “reasonable” by today’s standards as it was built to stream those episodes and movies, not “run a business”. So if it gets too hot, it will eventually stop working properly and/or stop transmitting. If you own a Fire TV and have noticed that it overheats when streaming video, this is the post for you. One new feature was added to the Fire TV this year, which makes dealing with overheating much easier. This one feature, which is intended to make the device more comfortable in the long run, lowers CPU and GPU clock speeds in certain situations to save power. It’s not a permanent fix for the problem, but it should reduce the Fire TV’s power consumption enough that the device doesn’t overheat in most use cases.

Ways to fix TV stick overheating

Using the HDMI Extender

Most of the time, the device heats up up because there is no airflow. So, to avoid this Firestick overheating, you can use the HDMI extender that comes with the box. All you have to do is insert the FireStick into the extender and connect it to another USB. Now, all you have to do is type this directly into your Fire TV and place it some distance away from your TV. Make sure you get enough air now and that way the problem can be fixed.

Insert this device in the side panel

Well, this is the same as the fix above, as most TVs come with two different HDMI ports on the side panel and the back panel. So if this device is connected to the back port of the TV, then this is a big mistake. This is because it prevents this device from getting too much air and is the reason it overheats. So if you don’t want to use the extender, we recommend using a TV-side connection. That way, the set will be at some distance from the TV and the problem can be resolved properly.

Using the TV’s USB port

This device uses the power adapter to boot, which can be used directly with a TV or through an adapter. So this is also a problem if someone is using this adapter as the light voltage gets too high over time and thus the stick can overheat. Therefore, it is recommended to use your TV’s USB port, as it only provides a certain amount of power to this device. And that way you can avoid overloading and then your problem will be fixed.

Unplug the Fire TV Stick

Many people may face issues deleting captures from any app and forcing it to stop. This is because sometimes we install a lot of apps, so it takes a long time to kill each app. That way, you can easily disconnect and reconnect this device to stop all background apps. Now let it disconnect until the temporary signal goes back to normal and try to connect it again. Just turn on your TV and see that the device is now working properly. This can be used at a time when someone is using a lot of apps or doesn’t want to waste valuable time. This is just a temporary method to reduce Firestick overheating.

Uninstall unwanted application

The biggest downside of a Fire Stick device is limited storage space. Because if you buy a regular stick or the Firestick 4K, you only get 8GB of storage, which is not high. We just need to uninstall some unwanted apps to save disk space and avoid overheating. Uninstall unwanted apps that can control Now TV Stick overheating.

Final note

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