How to fix “Fortnite Down” Issue – Guide

Fortnite is still the battle royale game to beat. It has a lot to offer, including accessible game modes, brilliant and crazy graphics, an excellent building system, and a huge player base. Unfortunately, the gameplay experience is marred by bad combat and microtransactions, but since Fortnite is a free-to-play game, fans of the genre should give it a go. If you’ve ever played Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite’s battle royale concept should sound familiar. Your goal is to be the last person, pair, group or team to survive. Survive as long as you can and eliminate everyone who gets in your way. While there are some differences, such as a completely different graphical style and build system than Fortnite (more on both later), it’s disappointing that Epic Games hasn’t done more to differentiate the game. Fortnite is an online multiplayer game that is widely played. You can expect the game to receive constant updates and fixes from time to time. And at the same time they also bring some (or many) problems. That’s why it’s extremely difficult to figure out why Fortnite keeps crashing on PC. It could be an issue on the Epic side (server issues, buggy patches), issues with your PC, or with Fortnite itself. There are several causes for the error. This includes faulty or corrupt drivers, high game settings, overclocking, temperature, etc. To find out exactly what it is, try playing another graphics-intensive game for about an hour and see if the game crashes. If this happens, the problem is with your PC or its settings. Otherwise, the game itself (Fortnite) is the cause of the crash.

How to Fix “Fortnite Down” Problem

Check your game files

Run Epic Games Launcher as Administrator

Update your video card drivers

Disable background apps

Repair Visual C++ Redistributables

Adjust compatibility mode

Use DirectX11

Set matchmaking region to Auto

packet loss

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